360 Supplier. From consulting
to approval and full execution.


360 Supplier. From consulting
to approval and full execution.

Energy independence

The solar-powered electricity production systems proposed by VOLT bring remarkable savings for your business, in a very short time, but with long-term applicability. We have specialized in the provision of complete photovoltaic solutions: from financing consulting and file submition coordination to design and execution, from project management to commissioning and consulting on capitalizing your produced energy.

The photovoltaic systems are the most efficient investment you can make now for you and your business. Our solutions guarantee your energy independence or lower costs for at least 25 years and also turn you into an essential participant in the transition to a sustainable future.

Because life is not just about now, but also about what we leave behind.

The VOLT solutions for companies

System types


Or how to make effortless savings
for 25 years starting right now.


We can help you become a producer.
Invest in your future!

Car Port

We take advantage of any opportunity.
It’s for your own benefit!

and approval

We work together to identify the best technical solutions considering your location and your needs.
Our systems can be set under the function “zero feed-in” (production according to consumption) or we can turn the entire area into a profit maximizing engine for your business, injecting energy into the network. Simply choose the most suitable solution and we will take care of the rest.

and monitoring

Regardless of the size of the system you want install, our team will manage all the implementation stages internally. Each VOLT project comes with its own Project Manager. We constantly verify and monitor the efficiency of the delivered system, so that you can always benefit from its full capacity

and maintenance

We use only equipment certified in accordance with the German quality standards.
We perform preventive and corrective maintenance biannually and on request.


We are more than just a supplier of photovoltaic systems and charging stations.
We act as your partner throughout the entire process, from intent to commissioning and commercial operation.
We understand the energy market, the legislation and the regulatory framework applicable in this field.
We are up to date and use every market, financing or legislative opportunity to advance your interests.
All this, because our goal is to help you get the most out of it; that’s what truly recommends us.